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Spaying and Neutering

The decision to spay or neuter your pet is an important one, reflecting your responsibility as a pet owner to help control the pet population. More importantly, it's an act of love that can contribute to your pet living a healthier and happier life. At Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic in Littleton, we understand how stressful any surgery can be for both you and your pet.

Spay and Neutering

What to Expect

We specialize in comprehensive, compassionate pre- and post-surgical care for your pet. Our thorough surgical procedures include:

  • Cat spaying
  • Cat neutering
  • Dog spaying
  • Dog neutering

While spaying and neutering are among the most common surgeries, it's still a significant procedure. Rest assured, we use advanced techniques and closely monitor your pet throughout the surgical process to ensure their well-being. Our vet staff will maintain constant contact with you, providing updates on your pet's progress during their stay at our animal clinic. If you're considering having your pet spayed or neutered, read on for more information.

What Is Spaying And Neutering?

Spaying involves the removal of ovaries in female animals to prevent reproduction, while neutering entails the removal of testes (testicles) in male animals for the same purpose. A veterinarian typically recommends “fixing” a cat at around 5 months of age. For dogs, the timeline varies, depending on size, breed, and individual factors.

How Does Getting My Pet Spayed Or Neutered Help Them?

Getting your pet spayed or neutered is crucial not only for controlling the pet population but also for your pet's overall well-being. Research indicates that spayed animals have a reduced risk of uterine infections, breast cancer, and other reproductive cancers. Spaying your female pet also eliminates the heat cycle, reducing frustration levels and problematic behaviors.

Neutering your pet decreases the chances of testicular cancer and prostate issues. It can also mitigate aggressive behavior, roaming, and spraying. Some owners may feel a sense of guilt, but rest assured that spaying or neutering is the best long-term decision for your furry friend. As with any surgery involving anesthesia, there are risks, but with experienced veterinarians, these risks are minimal.

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Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? If you're a pet owner looking for spaying or neutering services in the Littleton area, we are delighted to assist you. Our caring and friendly staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to visit our website for more information.

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