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Pet Dermatology

Skin problems from fleas, allergies, or underlying health conditions can cause constant itching and scratching in your pet and make it feel miserable. Getting your pet treatment for these problems at an animal hospital near you can protect its health and prevent future skin issues from occurring. Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic in Littleton, CO, offers pet dermatology care to ensure your pet’s skin and fur remain in top shape. Continue reading to learn more about common skin conditions that affect pets and how we can help with them.

Pet Dermatology

Common Skin Conditions in Pets

Your pet can develop many skin issues and have symptoms ranging from itchiness and scratching to hair loss and inflammation. Some common skin conditions in pets include allergic dermatitis, food allergies, ear infections, fungal skin infections, and bacterial skin infections. Pets can also have skin problems due to fleas, ticks, or other parasites. Going to a vet clinic near you can help manage or treat your pet’s skin conditions and alleviate its discomfort.

Dermatology for Pets

Dermatology services go beyond traditional veterinary care for pets by focusing on conditions that affect the skin. Pet dermatology helps ensure your pet receives proper and effective care for allergies, parasites, infections, or other skin problems. Some skin conditions can put your pet at risk of significant complications if left untreated. For example, scratching too much can cause a bacterial skin infection that can become dangerous. Pet dermatology can treat and manage these issues before they lead to severe health problems.

What to Expect from Pet Dermatology Visits

Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s skin condition and run tests as needed during a pet dermatology visit. Doing this helps us make an accurate diagnosis and determine what is causing your pet’s symptoms. We can then create a treatment plan tailored to your pet’s needs and environment. Treatments might involve medicated shampoos or other products, avoiding exposure to specific allergens, or other types of care to ease skin symptoms. Our veterinarian will discuss treatment approaches based on your pet’s diagnosis and the severity of its symptoms.

When to Schedule a Skin Care Visit for Pets

You should schedule an appointment with your vet clinic near you if your pet experiences ongoing skin problems or has sudden changes in behavior like constant itching or scratching. We can determine the cause of your pet’s skin problems and provide treatment to help ease itchiness, redness, or other symptoms.

Visit Your Veterinarian Near You in Littleton, CO, for Pet Dermatology Services

Skin issues in your pet could lead to significant health problems if left untreated, so contact Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic in Littleton, CO, for pet dermatology services to protect your pet’s health and future. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (303) 795-2584 to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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