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Pet Dermatology FAQs

As a pet owner, you know your furry friend better than anyone. However, sometimes, even the most dedicated owners can be surprised by certain behaviors. Excessive scratching, licking, or shedding are often signs of underlying skin issues, which need to be treated promptly. At Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic in Littleton, CO, our experienced veterinarians and dedicated staff are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of pet skin conditions. Before scheduling your appointment, read about some frequently asked questions regarding pet dermatology below:

Pet Dermatology FAQs

What Conditions Do Veterinarians Treat?

Our vets can diagnose and manage a variety of skin conditions in dogs and cats, including:

•             Allergies: Environmental allergens, food sensitivities, and flea bites can all trigger itchy skin and inflammation.

•             Parasites: Fleas, mites, and ticks can cause discomfort and even transmit diseases.

•             Infections: Bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections can cause redness, itching, and hair loss.

•             Autoimmune diseases: These conditions can affect the skin's immune system, leading to inflammation and irritation.

•             Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal changes can cause hair loss, dry skin, and other skin problems.

•             Congenital conditions: Some pets are born with skin conditions that require specialized care.

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

When you visit us, our veterinarians will perform a thorough examination of your pet, including taking a detailed medical history and conducting any necessary diagnostic tests. This may include skin scraping, cytology, allergy testing, or even biopsies. Once a diagnosis is established, we will develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your pet's specific needs.

What are Some Signs of Skin Problems in Pets?

Skin problems can be uncomfortable and even painful for your pet, and they can also lead to secondary infections if left untreated. Some skin problems that may need immediate care include:

•             Excessive scratching, licking, or biting

•             Redness, swelling, or inflammation of the skin

•             Hair loss or bald patches

•             Crusting, scabbing, or pus

•             Unusual bumps or lumps

•             Unpleasant odor

Comprehensive Care at Broadway Estate Veterinary Clinic

At Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic, we understand the unique challenges of pet skin problems. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for your furry friend. We offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options, including:

•             Advanced allergy testing and desensitization therapy

•             Effective parasite control and prevention strategies

•             Topical and oral medications to manage inflammation and itching

•             Special shampoos and conditioners for sensitive skin

•             Nutritional counseling to support skin health

•             Surgical intervention for certain conditions

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