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Pets, like people, are prone to all kinds of illnesses and health issues. When your pet gets sick, quality veterinary care is the key to restoring your pet’s health. At Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic, we treat a wide range of pet health issues ranging from acute sickness and injury to chronic conditions. You can count on our veterinarians in Littleton to help in your time of need. Many pet health problems can be avoided through vaccinations and preventive care. Some problems, however, occur suddenly and without warning, requiring immediate care.

Acute Illnesses and Injuries – If your pet shows signs of sickness or suffers an accidental injury, contact your Littleton veterinarian right away. We treat such acute illnesses as eye and ear infections, hot spots, and other dermatology issues, gastrointestinal problems, UTIs, and dental problems like oral infections and broken teeth, along with injuries like fractures, lacerations, and open wounds.

Chronic Conditions – As your pet ages, he may develop a chronic condition like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, or periodontal disease. Older cats, in particular, are prone to developing hypothyroidism. We offer treatment for these and other chronic conditions to manage your pet's symptoms and improve its quality of life.

Parasites – Parasites like hookworm and heartworm are common in dogs and cats and require prompt treatment to avoid damage to internal organs. Through blood work, your Littleton veterinarian can diagnose your pet's parasitic condition so he can get the treatment he needs. We can also prescribe medication to prevent parasite infestation in the future.

Soft Tissue Injuries – Our veterinary team offers treatment for soft tissue injuries like tendon strains, joint sprains, muscle and ligament tears, etc., to restore your pet’s mobility. If the injury is severe, we may recommend surgery to help your pet heal.

Pain Management – Chronic conditions like cancer, hip dysplasia, and arthritis can be painful for your pet. Through medication, rehab exercises, water therapy, and surgery, we can help your pet manage his painful symptoms.

Diagnostic Imaging – Diagnostic imaging plays an important role in helping your vet diagnose injuries and chronic conditions. Through the use of digital x-rays and ultrasounds, we can uncover hidden medical issues and recommend the best treatment for recovery.

Pet Emergencies – In the event of an emergency, you can turn to our animal clinic for help. We handle all manner of emergency situations, including auto accident injuries, toxic ingestion, heatstroke, choking, and other situations where your pet requires immediate care.

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For prompt and accurate treatment of pet sicknesses and injuries, contact Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic in Littleton at 303-795-2584.

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