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Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic Services

At Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic, we offer veterinary care for residents of Littleton, CO. Read below to understand our routine veterinary care, preventative care, diagnostic testing, and surgical procedures. 

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Preventative Care

Preventative care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. We offer annual wellness exams, allowing us to check for health issues. In addition, we provide vaccinations when needed, as well as flea and heartworm treatment. We also monitor your pet's weight and recommend diet and exercise changes when required.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing can be performed as part of an annual wellness exam. If you bring your pet in for an illness or health condition, diagnostic testing can help diagnose the issue and form a treatment plan.

Our on-site lab provides routine blood, urine, and fecal test results within 30 minutes. Specialty testing results will be available within 48 hours.

We also provide radiology services. For example, if your pet has an injury, X-rays can let your vet know if your pet has a fracture or another type of injury. X-rays are also used if your pet has ingested a non-food item.

Ultrasounds can also be performed at our office for your convenience. Results are available immediately, and our veterinarian will discuss the findings during your appointment.

Disease Management and Treatment

Unfortunately, pets can become ill. Proper treatment or management is essential if your furry friend has an illness or chronic health condition.

We have an on-site pharmacy, so you can pick up your pet's prescriptions after your vet appointment. You can also get medication refills. Along with medication, we will monitor your pet if they have an ongoing health condition.

Dental Care

Dental care is an overlooked aspect of veterinary care. Dental exams are performed during your pet's annual checkups. If you notice a broken tooth or your pet has difficulty eating, you can schedule an appointment for a dental exam.

We provide dental cleanings, which include dental X-rays, scaling, and tooth polishing while your pet is under general anesthesia. If needed, our veterinarian will perform oral surgery.

Surgery and Emergency Care

We also provide surgery and emergency veterinary care. You can walk in during normal business hours if your pet needs emergency care.

Surgical procedures include spaying and neutering. Soft tissue surgeries include mastectomies, bladder, and eye surgery. Orthopedic surgery can repair torn ligaments or fractures. Laser surgery is safer and has a shorter recovery period.

Compassionate Vet Care at Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic

If your pet needs to visit a veterinarian in Littleton, CO, contact us at Broadway Estates Veterinary Clinic. We treat all pets with compassion. Our services include routine and preventative care and emergency care. Call our office at (303) 795-2584 to receive comprehensive care.

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